A Modernization Must

How the Cloud Can Future-Proof Your Tax Technology

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Modernization and transformation are top of mind for IT leaders as they strive for resilience in today’s dynamic environment. An important component of an organization’s fiscal well-being is its tax system. And too often, those systems are left out or marginalized when the topic of modernization comes up. At many organizations, cloud is a key vector for modernization, offering agility, flexibility, availability and cost savings, among other advantages. But by leaving tax systems out of the modernization discussion, organizations risk being stuck with tax systems that miss out these advantages.

In this webcast, we’ll explore:

  • The key factors driving increased awareness of the need to modernize these systems, like the need to simplify and optimize tax technology.
  • The advantages of a cloud-first tax solution strategy.
  • Keys to “future-proofing” your indirect tax management.
  • Overcoming common challenges.
  • Tips for when to plan and implement your modern, cloud-first tax strategy.

Cloud for Everyone — Including the Tax Function

Tax is arguably one of the best-positioned areas to adopt Cloud Technology, or Software as a Service (SaaS). Let's see why.

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Cloud Technology for the Tax Function