A Closer Look at VAT Compliance Solutions

Learn how ThermoFisher is automating its VAT compliance and data processes.

Vertex Inc. Tax Solutions

Given today’s trends of real time reporting, authorities increasingly require more granular data when filing reports – and there is a real need to collate, validate and submit accurate information in the right format. 

A manual spreadsheet-based approach to preparing VAT/GST filings is labour-intensive, with an increased chance of errors, missed deadlines and potential penalties. 

Likewise, companies who manage VAT/GST compliance manually in-house face growing costs to keep up with the changing compliance requirements. There could be a tailor-made solution.
Watch this webinar recording where Ellen Van Daal from Vertex and Daan Jansen from ThermoFisher Scientific speak about: 

  • How global businesses can automate their compliance processes using tax technology;
  • How Vertex VAT Cloud Compliance solution can help analyse, validate and transform your data into actual electronic submission to the tax authorities; and to
  • View a live demo of the solution.

A Closer Look at VAT Compliance Solutions

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Building the Business Case for a Tax Engine

Gaining control of value added tax (VAT) processes is critical. Tax technology helps organizations accomplish this, and we've put together all the details on how you can build a business case for this investment.

Vertex Cloud Data Integrity is a tax-specific solution for the data validation, analysis, and transformation steps that are required to properly support the indirect tax compliance process.