Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Tech: Insights from a Vertex Leader

For many of us who work in the technology sector, it’s unfortunately a matter of everyday observation that the industry can’t exactly claim a stellar record in establishing and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). How can the technology profession, and the industry at large, address this challenge? A new Tax Matters podcast tackles that question. The podcast features Vertex Senior Director Robin Allen, who holds leadership and management roles in Agile Program Management in Corporate IT. As a woman of color, Robin offers some unique insights into the current state of DEI in tech.

Studies have shown the value of diversity in the workplace, Robin points out. “Organizations typically see more growth with a diverse workforce. People with diverse backgrounds often bring creativity and are open to different ways of thinking.”

Middle schools and high schools need to do a better job of presenting technology roles for young women, she adds. As currently presented, “the possibilities are not appealing,” Robin notes. “It is not clear what the opportunities are, meaning it is not just roles that are computer-specific, like programming.” Businesses need to step up their game, too. “Organizations are still hiring in the same way at leadership levels,” Robin continues. “Companies need to broaden the recruiting pool, promote the rising star or actively look for individuals with diverse backgrounds.”

Listen to the podcast to learn more about:

  • Robin’s personal experiences as a woman of color in the technology industry, and how they have shaped her perspective on DEI;
  • How companies can improve their DEI strategies and diversify their sources for talent recruitment; and
  • How job candidates can improve their chances of getting hired by leveraging social media and a personal “board of directors” composed of people from diverse backgrounds.

It takes diversity to create a truly global, transformative business; one where individuals from all backgrounds have the opportunity to thrive.

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