Legislative Trends: 2022 U.S. Sales Tax

Legislative Trends: 2022 U.S. Sales Tax

As we’re midway through 2022, tax professionals are facing an assortment of new challenges such as key state/federal litigation updates, technical changes affecting digital transactions, business models, tax base, and class-action activities.

This white paper was developed from a recent webinar panel featuring tax industry experts Larry Mellon from Vertex, Inc. and Susan Haffield from PwC, who shared their expert insights on these and other changes to help tax professionals plan accordingly.

Topics discussed are as follows:

  • The impact of new digital tax trends
  • What new state tax nexus laws mean for your business
  • How to manage regulations for sales tax on digital marketplace transactions
  • Methods to keep up with technical changes around sales price
  • New tax implications of class-action settlements and judgments

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