How to Modernize Your Tax Function with Automation

A proactive and strategic approach to tax helps manufacturers maximize the benefits of modernizing their supply chain

As a manufacturer, it is important to expand your operations to keep up with the advancing industry. In the decision-making process, taxes can be left to be an after-thought. We encourage business leaders to become proactive in the decision-making process, therefore, increasing their return on investment and process efficiency.

How to Modernize Your Tax Function with Automation

During this on-demand webcast, Mark Sieczkowski, sr. product manager, joins a panel of tax experts to explain the need for tax automation in a post-Wayfair world.

Topics covered include

  • potential tax obligations of new products and services;
  • reporting requirements; and
  • how to upgrade an ERP system to handle the growth of a business.

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Members of our Chief Tax Office have shared their insights and addressed frequently asked questions through blog posts, webcasts, podcasts, and panel discussions.

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