Corporate Tax Communities

Connect with tax community peers in Regional User Groups, Special Interest Groups, the Client Advisory Board, and our private Online Community.

Why Join Our Community?

We believe that collaboration with clients yields the best results. We value and enjoy the communities we’ve created with our clients. Our Corporate Tax Communities offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, network, discuss issues facing tax, and work with us to co-develop solutions to real problems. Sometimes, it does take a village.

  • Regional User Groups

    Our Regional User Groups offer a forum for tax and tax technology professionals to share best practices and exchange ideas regarding tax and our solutions.

    These groups typically meet in person twice a year at four to five-hour sessions over lunch and offer an excellent opportunity to collaborate, interact, and network with peers.

    We currently have groups in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Arizona, Seattle, Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, and Minneapolis, with new locations to be added in 2020.

  • Special Interest Groups

    Currently, we host Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focusing on the Retail, Telecommunications, and Leasing industries. We also host SIGs focused on ERP software—SAP and Oracle.

    SIGs typically take place at our annual customer conference, Vertex Exchange and a few times a year in person or via conference calls.

    These meetings provide an opportunity for our clients to have discussions around the topics that matter to them the most. Share ideas around specific challenges, proven practices, and how to best leverage our software and tools.

  • Client Advisory Board

    Our Client Advisory Board consists of professionals who are leaders in the industry and their organizations, who view tax technology as strategic to their business. These individuals represent the voice of our clients and provide input to strategic roadmaps and new offerings.

    Members of the Client Advisory Board are invited by us to join and represent different industries and segments of the client base.

    Board members serve a two-year term providing continuous feedback to help improve the overall customer experience, provide input into product roadmaps, and even collaborate with us on technology innovations.

  • Online Community

    Share, follow, and participate in our Online Community. Through our private online community, customers can engage with us through a designated message board aimed at providing quick updates on product releases, events, customer webcasts, integration announcements, and much more.

    To request access to join our community, please send a message to Laurie Stanton:

    Laurie Stanton
    Customer Programs Specialist
    Vertex Inc.

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