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 Infographic The Hendersons Go Holiday Shopping — a Vertex Indirect Retail Tax Infographic

In this infographic, learn how the frantic holiday shopping season leads to tax complexity for retailers, and how Vertex Indirect Tax for Retail centralizes tax transaction management — keeping rates and rules up to date so that you stay compliant.

 Infographic Preparing for the Data Sharing Risk of CbCR

View the infographic to learn about the risks involved in CbC Report sharing across jurisdictions – from data confidentiality to data security to potential increased media scrutiny.

 Infographic Why You Should Host Your Retail Tax Solution in the Cloud

In this infographic, learn how hosting your tax solution in the cloud can help you achieve the automation, scalability, and business continuity to thrive in today’s complex, multi-channel retail climate.

 Infographic Managing the Tax Data Required for CbCR: 4 Questions Every MNC Should Ask

View the infographic to learn the four questions every MNC tax executive should ask about the data requirements of CbCR.

 Infographic The Henderson's Go Back to School — a Vertex Indirect Retail Tax Infographic

In this infographic, learn about the tax complexity retailers face with back-to-school shopping in an omni-channel world — and how Vertex Indirect Tax for Retail can help keep your rates and rules up to date, so that you stay compliant.

 Infographic Bring Calm to the Tax Rates and Rules Chaos

See highlights from this year’s Sales Tax Rate Report surrounding the constant changes in sales and use tax rates and rules, and how Vertex tax automation solutions can help streamline and manage it all.

 Infographic Build a Business Case for a Tax Technology Investment

Gain essential insights on crafting a clear and compelling business case for a necessary investment in tax technology.

 Infographic Top 10 Tax Considerations When Going Global

For U.S. companies expanding overseas, the learning curve regarding VAT and other indirect taxes can be steep and expensive. Here are the 10 most important tax scenarios you’ll need to understand prior to going global.

 Infographic The Future of Tax is in the Cloud

This infographic will help tax professional get up to speed on the emerging technology of cloud-based solutions and how they effectively impact the tax department.

 Infographic Outsourcing Compliance: What’s It All About?

Learn more about the drivers, cost, and ROI of outsourcing sales and use tax returns and see if it might be the right next step for your tax function.

 Infographic Managing Your Global VAT Position in Seven Steps

View the infographic to learn how to effectively and strategically manage VAT. Decrease the risk of financial penalties associated with under-declaring taxes and compounded interest rates by leveraging tax automation and reporting.

 Infographic E-Commerce Sales Tax Infographic

This infographic shows the four steps to effectively and accurately collect complex e-commerce sales tax.

 Infographic Preparing for Retail Tax Automation System

Today’s retailers and their tax departments require an innovative, comprehensive tax automation solution. View this infographic to learn about the five major tax challenges retail companies are facing and the areas you need to question when considering a retail tax automation system.