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 Webcast Vertex Sales & Use Tax Solutions for Oracle ERP Cloud
Learn how the Vertex solution enables "cloud-to-cloud," touchless integration of Oracle ERP Cloud and Vertex Cloud. Enjoy efficient, user-friendly uptake and integration, with no need to host any software or integration components on premise.
 Whitepaper Tax Notes International: Four Visions of the Future
Vertex's Jon Sappey engages in a scenario planning exercise and discusses how companies, particularly tax departments in multinational organizations, can use similar exercises to prepare for the future and improve their operations in the present.
 Whitepaper Tax Notes International: Mexico’s CbCR Requirements Are Part of a Larger Trade Strategy

Vertex’s George Salis takes an in depth look at Mexico’s implementation of country-by-country reporting and new trade positioning.

 Brochure Vertex VAT Determination

Learn about our advanced solution for determining taxes and calculating, collecting, and reporting on VAT and GST. Supports 240+ countries including EMEA, APAC, USA and Canada and Latin America.

 Whitepaper GST Tax Reform in India: Assessing the Impacts of the Historic Overhaul

Learn how the new India GST will impact your business and present new compliance challenges, as well as how tax technology addresses these complex calculation and reporting requirements, from Vertex Global Tax Lead Thomas Steppe.

 Webcast Get Grounded: Tax Compliance and the Cloud
In this presentation by T-Mobile, GSA, and Vertex you'll learn more about the legislation, taxes, and fees that impact cloud communication providers, as well as savings models and recovery line items that help minimize the cost to your business.
 Whitepaper Challenges faced by VAT teams and how to overcome these by using tax technology

Learn about the challenges VAT teams face within their core processes of tax determination, compliance and audit and tax data management and how technology can help overcome them.

 Whitepaper A More Influential, Transformational Approach to Tax Leadership

Learn why tax needs transformational leadership to keep up with modern realities of technological, regulatory, and global change — and best practices for tax managers to influence, motivate, and stimulate those they lead.

 Whitepaper Northern Tool + Equipment Partners with Vertex for ERP Integration

Learn how a Vertex partnership helped Northern Tool + Equipment achieve a smooth ERP transition — while further streamlining its processes with the functionality and flexibility Vertex adds to Microsoft Dynamics AX — in this whitepaper.

 Infographic Tax Automation in the Era of Big Data Retail

Learn 10 ways big data is transforming the retail business, five challenges retail tax professionals face in the current data climate, and how automation keeps retailers tax-ready in an era of big data analytics and deep data scrutiny.

 Whitepaper European CEO: Automated tax reporting to meet growing tax data requirements

Global authorities are demanding granular level tax data from businesses to be submitted in near real-time. Find out how tax departments can support these new requirements to ensure overall compliance.

 Whitepaper A Brave New World of Retail Tax Challenges — How Automation Solves Them

Learn the top five tax challenges facing modern retailers — and how to find the right tax automation solution to tackle them confidently and compliantly, while improving customer satisfaction and fueling growth.

 Whitepaper How Big Data is Transforming Retail Tax Functions: Tools & Tactics in the Age of Analytics

Learn how big data is providing the more robust data management retailers need to stay compliant with increasingly complex tax rules — including four automation capabilities that give retailers greater insight throughout the tax lifecycle.

 Whitepaper World Finance: Withholding Tax in Latin America: Challenges and Solutions

Learn the factors driving withholding tax complexity in several Latin American countries — from complicated exemption rules to rapidly changing legislation — and how modern technology helps businesses stay ahead of the challenge.

 Whitepaper What Are the Six Main Reasons Retailers Automate Their Tax Process?

Learn how enterprise tax automation enables retailers to address the challenges of multi-channel environments, jurisdictional complexity, tax rule changes, and the unnecessary drain on profits to cover audit exposure.

 Whitepaper Challenges European Businesses Face Navigating US Indirect Tax

Learn the challenges European businesses face when transitioning from VAT management to US sales tax management across thousands of disparate jurisdictions, and how to overcome those challenges with planning and automation.

 Infographic Thinking of Expanding to the USA? Seven Indirect Sales Tax Challenges Companies Face

View this infographic to learn about the challenges organisations face when managing US indirect sales tax, and what businesses must do to ensure a smooth transition.

 Case Study Spanish SII: Duracell Case Study

Vertex is featured in an International Tax Review for its partnership with Duracell to complete the first successful Spain SII electronic VAT filing.

 Brochure Vertex Enterprise for Indirect Tax

Learn how Vertex Enterprise centralizes and automates key transaction tax processes so corporate tax departments with significant transaction tax obligations can reduce costs, manage risk and support better business performance.

 Whitepaper How Retail Sales Tax Complexity Adds Up — And Why Tax Automation Is the Solution

As retail companies grow, contending with new technology and stricter reporting and filing requirements, they encounter staggering sales tax complexity. Learn the factors contributing to this complexity, and how automation keeps retailers compliant.

 Whitepaper Latin American Transaction Tax Complexity in the Digital Age

Learn how a move to digital tax administration further complicates tax data management and compliance in Brazil, Mexico, and five other Latin American countries — and how automation can help.

 Webcast Game-changing Approach to Tax Provision with SAP Integration

Learn how SAP users now have a streamlined solution that automates data management, provision calculation and tax journal entries into SAP BPC.

 Brochure Sales & Use Tax Solutions for Oracle ERP Cloud

A guide to the features and benefits of ‘Cloud-to-Cloud’ or ‘Cloud-to-On Premise’ integration of Oracle ERP Cloud and Vertex Tax Solutions.

 Brochure Vertex Supports Spain SII Reporting
More on how Vertex can support Spain SII to comply with near real-time VAT reporting requirements.
 Infographic Top 10 VAT Returns Challenges — And How Multinationals Can Stay Compliant

Learn the top 10 VAT returns challenges facing multinational businesses — and how modern tax automation solutions can streamline VAT return processes, while increasing compliance and reducing risk — in this infographic.

 Infographic Understanding the Brazil DIFAL System

A high-level look at DIFAL, Brazil’s supplemental ICMS tax — including who’s responsible for calculation and remittance, and which state receives what in an interstate transaction.

 Brochure Vertex VAT Returns for Compliance and Audit

Automate Returns to create signature-ready VAT returns, reports and ledgers for greater compliance and control over you company’s VAT returns process. Supports Returns in Europe, USA, Canada and key locations in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

 Brochure Vertex Supporting VAT Implementation in the Gulf States

Learn more about how Vertex can support VAT implementation in the Gulf States.

 Brochure Vertex Tax Links for SAP Hybris — Powerful Automation. Seamless Integration.

Learn how Vertex brings powerful, automated sales and use tax calculation to SAP Hybris users. Enjoy a seamless user experience, reliable tax content, automated address cleansing, and more — without costly custom integration development.

 Webcast Northern Tool + Equipment Chooses the Only Tax Connector for MS Dynamics AX
In this webcast, learn how the MS Dynamics AX connector gives tax all the tools they need to manage tax without having to go through IT — and how Northern Tool + Equipment configures tax data with O Series flex fields within MS Dynamics AX.
 Whitepaper JAFRA Cosmetics Uses Vertex to Streamline Sales & Use Tax Returns

Learn how direct sales company JAFRA Cosmetics, with sellers from California to New York, streamlined their previously time, cost, and labor-intensive tax return process using Vertex Sales & Use Tax Returns—and increased deductions by 20%.

 Whitepaper Automating Income Tax Provisioning

Read the article from the SAPinsider Special Report on Financial Transformation. Nancy Manzano of the Vertex Chief Tax Office outlines how SAP users can automate and optimize provision by connecting Vertex Tax Accounting with the data in SAP BPC.

 Whitepaper Line-Based Taxation: Telecommunications Providers Address a Complex Legacy

In this whitepaper, learn about the many variables that lead to line-based telecommunications taxation complexity — from location to legislation and type of communication — and how it affects your customers and compliance.

 Video Vertex Enterprise – Tax Possible

Learn about the breakthrough data management solution designed specifically for corporate tax. Leverage a single source of tax-ready data for current and past periods for the end-to-end tax lifecycle.

 Whitepaper 21st Century Technology-Enabled Tax Accounting

Read the whitepaper from the Vertex Chief Tax Office to learn about the data challenges inherent in tax accounting, and how 21st century technology can master the data to enable Tax to be a more strategic business partner.

 Infographic The Bill-to Ship-to Model Under the Draft India GST Law

This infographic, based on an article by Vertex Senior Tax Analyst Ramnarayan Balakrishnan and published in Tax India Online, will walk you through various bill-to ship-to scenarios and their potential outcomes under the draft India GST law.

 Webcast Using LCR-Dixon PLUS Tools with Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator
Learn about the LCR-Dixon PLUS Tools you can add to Vertex Indirect Tax Accelerator for SAP ERP for unprecedented visibility into your data, customization in reporting, and ease in addressing common pain points with SAP tax integrations.
 Brochure Vertex Tax Technology Supporting India GST

Find out how Vertex can support GST in India. Read an overview of the changes taking place in India and the solutions that Vertex offers to help support businesses.

 Brochure Vertex Country-by-Country Reporting

Streamline and automate the data management for country-by-country reporting. Using this solution, Tax can not only comply with CbCR filing requirements, but also leverage that tax-sensitized data throughout the end-to-end lifecycle.

 Whitepaper Withholding Tax in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil

In this whitepaper, learn about what makes calculating domestic withholding tax in Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil so complex, the consequences of non-compliance, and what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

 Whitepaper Dissecting the U.S. Treasury’s CbC Reporting Regulations

The Vertex Chief Tax Office reviews the final CbCR regulations from the U.S. Treasury, and poses 3 questions to help MNCs prepare. Read the article published in

 Webcast What’s Happening in Latin America with Transaction Taxes?

This webcast introduces several innovative solutions that can alleviate many of the pain points associated with LATAM operations and discusses ways to reduce risk when facing new government requirements.

 Video Automated Integrated Provision for SAP Users

Watch the video to learn how Vertex Tax Accounting automates the data import from SAP BPC, and creates a single source of data for the entire lifecycle.

 Brochure Automated Address Cleansing for Oracle EBS for Payroll Tax

Read to understand the benefits of Address Cleansing for Payroll, which works seamlessly with Oracle EBS for automated, accurate payroll tax management. Reduce audit exposure with a simple configuration — no additional software required.

 Whitepaper Complexities of the “Bill to – Ship to” Model Under the Draft India GST Law

In this article published by Tax Management India, learn the complexities surrounding the process of determining a good’s place of supply under the draft GST law, and who may bear responsibility for the GST when there is movement of goods.

 Whitepaper Post Supply Discounts Under India Draft GST Law

In this article published by Tax India Online, learn how the draft GST law could impact the way post supply discounts factor into GST calculation, and how that differs from post supply discounts in the VAT era.

 Brochure Vertex Tax Accounting

A multi-ledger, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-year solution that leverages a single source of data for the end-to-end tax lifecycle. Streamlined global provision, improved data management, enhanced reporting for greater insight.

 Webcast Address Cleansing for Oracle EBS Payroll

Learn how Vertex Address Cleansing for Payroll Tax reduces audit exposure by improving the accuracy of your payroll tax jurisdictional assignment, including convenient integration with Oracle EBS.

 Webcast Vertex Enterprise for Country-by-Country Reporting

Watch the webcast to learn how Vertex Enterprise streamlines the data management required for country-by-country reporting, and enables the reconciliation needed for audit support.

 Whitepaper Tax Notes International: Taxing Digital Services in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia

Published in Tax Notes International, this article discusses the challenges of taxing electronically supplied services (ESS), like digital downloads and streaming services, in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia.