US VAT, Inc.

US VAT, Inc. is a leading transaction tax practice focused on the indirect tax needs of U.S. based multinational corporations, providing VAT and GST training as well as practical and tactical, business-centered consulting services.

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About US VAT, Inc.

US VAT, Inc. is placed to help you with your overseas VAT and Customs filings, manage your global transaction tax footprint, and support tax implementations in your accounting system.


Alliance Benefits for Clients

Companies that implement Vertex Indirect Tax O Series in countries outside of the U.S. work with US VAT to match their global tax strategy and overseas operations with the local tax rules. This not only ensures compliance, but also minimizes potential tax liabilities.

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US VAT provides world-wide practical and tactical support to U.S. companies that either embark on their first ventures outside of the U.S. - as well as on more established businesses that require help in either developing a VAT and Customs strategy or review their operations for efficient VAT accounting.

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