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Our partnership with Intershop provides enterprise-ready tax functionality as businesses navigate an increasingly complex tax landscape.

How We Partner with Intershop

Hear from Our Customers

Hear how companies like yours connected to Vertex tax technology to simplify tax, save time, and stay compliant.

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Partnership Benefits for Clients

As we provide tax automation, Intershop's customers can greatly benefit from the option to seamlessly calculate sales tax, create a better multi-channel user experience, and enable their internal resources to focus on more valuable projects.

E-Commerce Tax Integration

Getting Tax Right for Your E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce made it easier for businesses to sell across borders, but they face serious tax complexity. Our partnership with Intershop helps online merchants keep up with even the most complex tax scenarios.

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About Intershop

Intershop is the leading independent provider of omnichannel commerce solutions and offers high-performance packaged software. Intershop also acts as a business process outsourcing provider, covering all aspects of online retailing up to fulfillment.

Our Integration with Intershop

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Intershop Commerce Suite

Connect Intershop Commerce Suite to Vertex for accurate sales tax calculations on every online transaction. Our tax technology takes care of sales tax for Intershop customers, calculating complex and burdensome tax with robust and accurate automation.

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Our trusted solutions for Intershop enable businesses to manage tax complexity and grow with confidence. Get in touch today to learn more.