Grant McCarthy Group

GMG focuses on helping clients with all business tax practices procedures, compliance, and multi-jurisdictional tax complexities. We assess situations to help our clients reduce their tax burdens and maximize their cash flow.

Vertex Partners and Alliances

Providing technology enabled services to simplify tax complications and provide financial benefits.

GMG is committed to ensuring our clients only pay their fair share of tax. We leverage Vertex to deliver real time savings to clients and reduce the need for audits to determine areas of exposure or overpayment. Our services deliver quantifiable financial value.

Benefits of Our Partnership


Machine learning under the direction of experienced tax professionals.

Streamlined Maintenance of Rules & Rates

Correction of ERP and tax determination engine rules reduces overpayments and underpayments.

Support and Training with Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax

Maintained by tax professionals utilizing technology to deliver streamlined results.

Our alliance helps clients to improve tax accuracy by combining GMG tax expertise with Vertex.

GMG and Vertex can help your tax department minimize costs, improve audit results, identify overpayments, and correct the taxability determinations to prevent future errors. Our services provide meaningful and quantifiable financial benefits.