Right Networks gets all your critical accounting and business applications into the cloud so your team can work from anywhere, making it that much easier to collaborate, onboard teammates, and even expand your business into new geographies. Right Networks is the proven leader for QuickBooks hosting.

Businesses face ever-changing tax legislation. In many jurisdictions, more and more items and services are becoming taxable and various states have made their tax structures increasingly complex. Vertex can help your business to stay current with ongoing changing changes and ensure compliance, especially if you do business in multiple locations.

The benefits of automating your sales and use tax processes include:

  • Accurate sales and use tax determination
  • Preparation and filing of your sales and use tax returns
  • A comprehensive audit trail
  • Seamless integration with your accounting, ERP, and e-commerce platform

Vertex Cloud offers different service levels ranging from simple tax rate files, calculations and returns, and filing and remitting returns on your behalf. Exemption certificate management allows you to set effective and expiration dates, store the certificates, and manage customer exemptions.

Vertex Wins Reader’s Choice Awards from CPA Practice Advisor

Where accounting and tax pro’s identify us as the sales and use tax technology that helps their clients achieve success and helps their practice be more productive and profitable.

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