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At Nirlak we understand complex tax, finance and business requirements and help companies steer in the right direction of tax automation and compliance. We play a crucial role in evolving companies in the right direction to achieve efficiency, cost savings and remain tax compliant in the changing world of tax and technology. At Nirlak we have expertise in understanding Indirect Taxes, Technology and Business process and how well they blend together towards a successful business operation.

We at Nirlak have indept experience in ERPs' and leading VAT automation technologies in the market. Started in 2008 to serve companies of all sizes in implementing and guiding the right path of success in Tax Automation. At Nirlak, we also help companies decide the automation technology for Indirect computation and reporting.

We have experience in proof of concept on solutions, implementing Tax automated applications, automating VAT returns, re-engineering existing setup, upgrades, retrofit solution.

Located in London, United Kingdom, we are ready to serve global needs of tax automation business.

Contact Nirmal at +447728206978 or by email

Mr. Nirmal Vechham
Tax Automation
Regions Served: North America, EMEA, Central/South America, Asia Pacific
Work Phone: +442085707146
Cell Phone:+447728206978

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