Bruno Solutions, LLC provides tax rating services, implementation services, and custom software development to address your global transactional tax automation needs. With over 45 combined years of tax automation experience, our staff has built and operated innovative solutions for the calculation of VAT, Sales and Use, Payroll, and Telecommunication taxes.

Our Telecommunication tax rating service leverages the Vertex Communications Tax Q Series system to determine and assign taxes to individual call detail records. This batch processing service accepts client input files, performs the necessary tax calculations, and generates output files suitable for use in customer billing and tax remittance.

We also have many years of experience helping our clients implement industry-leading tax automation solutions in the retail, manufacturing, quick service, telecommunications, and financial sectors. If you would like assistance in implementing Communications Tax Q Series, Indirect Tax O Series, Payroll Tax Q Series, Sales Tax Q Series, or any other Vertex software solution, we are here to help.

Our special area of focus is on designing and implementing custom software solutions to address specific or unusual business needs. We’ve done a lot of that work, especially extracting tax rate and rule data from Indirect Tax O Series and Sales Tax Q Series for the retail sector.

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