Line-Based Taxation: What Makes it So Complex?

The rate at which telecommunications technology evolves is thrilling for consumers — but it can be a nightmare for tax managers. Between the various types of technologies used to communicate, from plain old telephone systems (POTS) to VoIP; different taxation rates for data, SMS, and voice; shrinking state budgets (and ever-changing legislation); and numerous other factors, line-based telecom taxation is an intricate tapestry of complexity.

Getting ahead of these challenges is necessary to avoid data management headaches, improve tax compliance, and reduce customer relationship risks.

In this Vertex whitepaper, you’ll gain a better understanding of the current line-based tax environment and its historical forces, the numerous variables that affect taxation, and the key competitive and customer-related issues that must be addressed.

About Dale Varga: Varga is a Senior Tax Research Analyst at Vertex, focusing on communications tax. For the past decade, Varga has worked with government taxing authorities to maintain the latest communications tax rules and rates for Vertex technology solutions. In his role, Varga also shares his subject matter expertise with Vertex clients as they address the complexities of communications taxation.

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