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Intershop Commerce Suite

A powerful connector enabling communication between your eCommerce platform and Vertex to calculate accurate sales tax on every transaction.

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Main Features

Automated Sales Tax Calculation

Sales tax engine fully integrated to Intershop Commerce Suite with drivers to manage company codes, product IDs and classes, customer IDs and classes, discounts

Real-Time Tax Calculation

Tax is calculated during the invoice or checkout process based on the latest product taxability rules and pinpoint tax area precision. Automating tax with Vertex reduces manual work and improves customer satisfaction.

Most Up-to-date Tax Rates and Rules

Ensure every transaction applies the most accurate tax rules, rates, and exceptions automatically based on defined attributes including ship-to, bill-from, bill-to, ship-from.

Integrated Address Cleansing

Ensure every transaction has the proper tax jurisdiction assignment to trigger the accurate tax calculation rules. Each new address entered is automatically cleansed for errors and the full 9-digit zip code and Tax Area ID is assigned.

Easy Integration

Enjoy complete integration between Vertex and Intershop with no custom work to the ecommerce system. No custom engagement required. Users simply configure sellable products for proper taxability during the initial, integrated setup process. No need to manually update tax schedules within Intershop.

More Great Features

  • Exemption Certificate Management
  • Options for Monthly Returns
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • No More Manual Tax Updates
  • Access Log Files for Troubleshooting
  • B2B & B2C Scenarios and Storefronts
  • Connector Health Check Test
  • Enable/Disable Address Cleansing
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Product and Product Class Mapping
  • Tax Calculation for Estimates and Orders
  • Update Your Tax Journal With Real-Time Tax Information

Reviews Reveal High Value of Vertex Solutions

User reviews on B2B software rating site G2 Crowd recognize Vertex solutions as top corporate tax solutions.

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