India Good and Services Tax (GST) – Impact on Businesses

India is close to rolling out the largest reform to its indirect tax system in a quarter of a century. This reform, which sees the replacement of its existing VAT system with a more streamlined Goods and Services Tax (GST), is scheduled for implementation on July 1, 2017.

While the move to a more straightforward tax regime is welcome news to many, the proposed system differs in numerous and significant ways from the existing tax regime. Therefore, complying with the new GST system will require considerable changes within tax departments, who face challenges making the necessary changes in the abbreviated time available.

Our team in India has been closely tracking progress in this area, along with related data management challenges and any other GST-related issues that may result. This focus ensures Vertex will have the latest GST related rules and rates to accurately calculate the correct GST on both sales and purchase transactions.

In addition to the above, tax payers will be expected to upload and file returns using the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) portal. The level of transaction detail expected to be submitted is substantial and represents a major compliance challenge for taxpayers. Vertex provides multiple options to extract transactional detail to support the upload process.

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The India GST Council released a draft tax rate schedule for more than 1,200 products and services that still may be subject to change until approved by the government. In early June, the GST Council will reconvene to hash out tax rates for more items. The rates that the GST recently shared "do not indicate a major deviation from the present tax rates, while also ensuring that GST should not pinch the consumer's pocket," according to The Economic Times...

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On March 16, India's influential Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council approved the draft State GST (SGST) and Union Territory GST (UTGST) bills, completing its approval of all five bills related to the proposed new indirect tax system. The dually-controlled GST system would impose levies on a taxation base shared between India's...

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India Poised to Implement Historic Indirect Tax Overhaul

(BEPS) Actions progresses, regional overhauls are also speeding ahead. India is now one step closer to ... some power-sharing issues between federal and state officials, India's Goods and Services Tax (GST) ... (i.e., the federal level) and India's States. The new system would replace complex value-added tax (VAT)...

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The Bill-to Ship-to Model Under the Draft India GST Law

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