Gordon Flesch Co Improves Leasing Tax Management with Vertex

Learn how this leader in office technologies leveraged Vertex to tackle lease tax complexity.

Gordon Flesch

The Gordon Flesch Company is one of the largest independent providers of office technology solutions in the U.S.

As Gordon Flesch's finance and tax manager points out in the story, complexities and challenges arise in the leasing industry, making it all the more important to come up with a solution that puts the finance and tax teams in control.

In this story, we look at the following areas in GFC's transformation:

  • Managing common leasing tax challenges
  • Implementing an automated solution, supported by training and Vertex Consulting
  • Reaping the benefits of taking control of tax-management challenges

Download the full customer story to learn how this leasing company replaced error-prone, manual tax processes with an automated tax solution to simplify tax complexity and improve confidence.

A Solution for Lease Tax

Integrating a Vertex tax engine with your lease management system allows your tax department to effectively control and manage all tax decisions from lease origination to invoicing.

Lease Tax Solution by Vertex