What Marketplace Sellers Want

Two businesswomen in casual dress sit across from one another in a cozy lounge area. They both have laptops, phones, and paperwork on the coffee table as they work.

Our research identified one of the key reason sellers use marketplaces is to reach a wider geographical market and be more competitive. With this geographical expansion comes tax complexities. 40% of those surveyed said they needed help in managing financial (online) transactions, while a third revealed they need help managing tax liabilities. 

It was reported that almost half of marketplace sales are cross-border, meaning that help with indirect tax is needed. Managing VAT is normally a relatively straightforward process. But what happens when you need to start working with an overseas jurisdiction to settle the tax on your online sales?

Once sales go cross-border, the complexities increase significantly. The knowledge and systems required often exceed the resources a seller has in-house. 

As a result, marketplaces that offer and provide the support required for cross-border sales will become increasingly attractive. 

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Global research: taxing times for the marketplace-seller relationship

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