VAT Non-Compliance Penalties: Imperative III - Be Audit Ready

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In the final blog of our three-part series on VAT compliance penalties, Vertex Director of Solutions Marketing and subject matter expert, Gunjan Tripathi, discusses the importance of being audit ready and how this can be achieved.  

Audit checks are a frequent occurrence to ensure that VAT is calculated and reported correctly. They also help identify any errors or omissions.  Sample checks are carried out during a VAT audit. A random sample of transactions, invoices, or other records is chosen to test for accuracy, and completeness, and to ensure that businesses are adhering to all applicable regulations. The sample audits may zero in on specific areas of VAT reporting and compliance, VAT recovery, and VAT calculation.  
In the event of inaccuracies or omissions being discovered by the VAT inspector, the tax department will be required to undertake a significant amount of work to rectify the records. Additionally, penalties or fines are likely as well. If a significant error or a high error rate is discovered, inspectors may determine that your VAT reporting is unreliable, possibly resulting in increased penalties and triggering an extension of the audit or can impact your ‘risk rating’ with the tax authority.  

Consider the Real Cost to Your Business Beyond the Penalty Amount 

VAT non-compliance penalties can negatively impact a company's reputation, in addition to the financial and official consequences. Incorrect VAT handling can damage business relationships with customers and vendors, and negatively impact employee satisfaction.  

Ensuring compliance with VAT regulations can be challenging for businesses. Failure to do so may result in costly fines and time-consuming rectification processes.

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Gunjan Tripathi

EMEA Director, Product Marketing

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Gunjan Tripathi is a Director of Solutions Marketing for Vertex. In her role, she helps shape the strategic messaging and course for Vertex's Indirect Tax offerings. She is an experienced Chartered Tax Advisor, specialising in European VAT. Her tax career experiences comprise of consulting with EY, leading compliance at European Shared Service Centre for SC Johnson, Global VAT manager for Endeavor and VAT proposition lead at Thomson Reuters. She holds a Bachelor of Honours in Economics from the University of Delhi, India and a Master of Science in Development Studies from School of Oriental & African Studies from the University of London. She is an Executive MBA scholar at the Warwick Business School and member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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