Toyota Switches to Vertex for More Experienced Staff

When it comes to choosing tax technology, there’s no substitute for experience.

Vertex Inc. Tax Automation

Toyota Financial Services & Vertex Customer Story

When the Director of Sales and Purchase Tax started at Toyota in 2006, she took over responsibility for the sales tax compliance outsourcing relationship and quickly grew concerned.

“There were a lot of errors,” she said. “I was spending too much time managing the relationship and ensuring accuracy. It simply was not worth it,” she recalls. “My core job was not sales tax compliance, I was supposed to be focusing on more value added opportunities and developing the department.”

“In addition,” she explained, “there was an increasing amount of penalties due to the previous provider’s errors. And even though the outsourcing provider was paying those penalties, ultimately, it was damaging our reputation with taxing authorities.”

It was at this point that the organization realized it needed to select a new vendor.

Download the full customer story below to learn how tax executives at Toyota Financial Services learned there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to outsourcing providers.

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