A New Era of Tax Automation: Vertex Simplifies Tax Rate Connectivity within Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Businesses that operate across a wide range of tax jurisdictions are burdened with maintaining tax rates and applicability rules. Vertex worked with Microsoft to help simplify this challenge of global tax compliance for our joint customers utilising ERP solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365. The result is the release of Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service which connects through Microsoft’s new universal tax rate API.    

Better integration delivers streamlined tax calculations 

Managing tax compliance within global operations presents a myriad of challenges, stemming primarily from the complexity of navigating diverse and ever-changing tax regulations across different jurisdictions. Multinational corporations grapple with varying tax rates, reporting standards, and compliance requirements that not only differ from country to country but also can change frequently within a single jurisdiction. This regulatory diversity demands significant resources and expertise to ensure accurate tax reporting and compliance, heightening the risk of non-compliance and the associated financial penalties.  

The rise of digital services taxes and the global push for more transparent and real-time tax practices add layers of complexity, requiring companies to adapt their strategies continually. These challenges are compounded by the need to balance operational efficiency and maintain a positive corporate image in the face of increasing public and governmental scrutiny over tax practices. Consequently, managing tax compliance effectively in a global context requires a sophisticated understanding of international tax laws, meticulous planning and the ability to anticipate and react to regulatory changes swiftly.  

By combining the deep tax rate and applicability rules expertise of Vertex with your ERP solution from Dynamics 365 connected through the universal tax API to the Vertex O Series cloud solution, you are able to achieve a high level of accuracy and efficiency in managing your global tax obligations. By leveraging its comprehensive tax content and advanced calculation capabilities, your business can streamline tax reporting processes, optimise tax positions and improve cash flow management. This interoperability empowers your company to navigate the intricate landscape of tax compliance with confidence, freeing up valuable resources to focus on core business activities and strategic growth initiatives. 

Top benefits of leveraging an API-based integration for tax rates and applicability rules using Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service:  

  • Integrate effortlessly: Encounter a seamless experience by integrating Vertex’s tax solutions via Microsoft’s new universal tax rate API for  Dynamics 365.  
  • Mitigate integration disruptions: Reduce integration disruptions during system changes and customisations, thanks to the fact that multiple Dynamics 365 tax calculation transactions can be handled via one universal tax rate API.  
  • Automate sales and use tax compliance: Easily manage tax rate changes and determine more accurate tax rates for every transaction.  
  • Improve tax calculation accuracy: Enhance tax calculation accuracy to reduce risk and build customer trust.  
  • Optimise tax efficiency: Reduce manual efforts and the risk of errors by automating tax rate determination and calculation processes.  
  • Maintain continuous compliance: Stay compliant and reduce risk with automated tax determination and calculation.  
  • Gain greater flexibility and scalability: Handle large-scale tax calculations through a hyper-scalable, fully configurable multi-tenant solution.   

Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service represents a critical step forward in simplifying tax management for businesses operating across diverse tax jurisdictions. 

“Through Vertex’s utilisation of our universal tax rate API, our joint customers can operate with greater flexibility and control, enabling them to seamlessly navigate the complexities of global tax rates and applicability rules with improved efficiency, accuracy and scalability,” said Sergey Shvedov, Principal Product Management Lead, Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Corp.   

Future expansion   

Initially, Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service is available for Microsoft customers in North America for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and project management and accounting functionalities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management version 10.0.38 or later. However, Vertex will be supporting additional tax transactions currently within ERP applications within Dynamics 365, as well as any future Dynamics 365 tax transactions that will be made available by Microsoft through the universal tax rate API.  

At Vertex, we remain dedicated to our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, ensuring the creation and provision of innovative solutions that enhance the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. Leveraging our expertise in tax rate and applicability rules compliance, we equip customers with essential tools to successfully navigate the complexities of global tax compliance.  

To learn more, visit vertexinc.com/tcs and join the upcoming webinar on 25 April at 2pm ET: https://go.vertexinc.com/tcs_launch_webinar  

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