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Integrate Vertex’s tax solutions effortlessly via a new tax compliance API from Microsoft for a unified experience

Vertex Inc. Tax Solutions for Marketplace Facilitators

Improve Tax Accuracy

Comply with local regulations by automatically determining precise tax calculations for every transaction.

Integration With Your Financial Systems

Enhance Flexibility and Scalability

Efficiently handle large-scale tax calculations through a hyper-scalable, fully configurable multitenant solution.

Vertex Inc.

Help Ensure Tax Compliance

Reduce risk and maintain compliance with automated tax determination from Vertex.

Vertex now available via Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service

Exciting news! Vertex’s tax solutions are now accessible through the newly enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 tax calculation service. Leveraging the universal tax rate API from Microsoft, this service enables seamless integration of Vertex’s tax compliance solutions, automating tax compliance processes for improved efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

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Vertex Inc. Integration with Finance and Operations MD

A better way to integrate.

Vertex and Microsoft have partnered to enhance the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application framework, addressing complex tax compliance needs. Our collaboration helps to ensure a seamless integration between the data structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Vertex's tax compliance solutions, offering users an efficient and user-friendly tax compliance experience. 

With Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation service you can:

  • Automate sales and use tax compliance: Effortlessly manage tax rate changes and determine accurate tax rates for every transaction.
  • Optimize tax efficiency: Reduce manual efforts and minimize the risk of errors by automating tax processes.
  • Improve tax accuracy and reporting: Improve tax accuracy and streamline transactions to reduce risk and build customer trust.
  • Maintain continuous compliance: Stay compliant and reduce risk with automated tax determination and compliance. 

Other benefits of API-based integration:

  • Optimize efficiency and compliance: Seamlessly handle sales and use tax compliance while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Minimize Implementation Costs: Streamline implementation tasks and ensure a consistent user experience.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership: Minimize your code footprint for increased stability, improved quality, and reduced ownership costs.
  • Enhance accessibility, security, and scalability: Access tax-related tasks securely from anywhere with a cloud-based solution that scales to meet your needs.

Compatibility is limited to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Supply Chain Management version 10.0.39 and later.

The initial integration of Vertex for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tax Calculation service focuses on enhancing sales and use tax compliance in North America for AP and AR transactions. Vertex expects Microsoft to enhance the UPI API and TCS over time, and Vertex plans to deliver updated connectors that will support additional global tax features and functionality across many of the Dynamics 365 applications.   

For companies requiring immediate global tax compliance solutions, Vertex offers comprehensive support through our standard integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

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