Migrating Your Tax Processes to the Cloud

Learn how digital transformation simplifies the complex sales tax function.

Migrating Your Tax Processes to the Cloud with Vertex tax automation

Digital transformation initiatives are fundamentally changing how businesses operate to bring operational efficiencies, support innovation, and deliver value. Whether you are migrating your tax system to the cloud or starting fresh with a cloud-based model, the benefits can help your business tremendously.

To reduce the risk of inaccuracies and financial penalties, many companies are turning to cloud-based tax automation solutions.

 In this e-book, we will explore the following factors:

  • The complex world of indirect tax
  • Advancements in sales and use tax automation
  • Determining a digital strategy for tax
  • Why and how to migrate to the cloud

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How Tax & IT Come Together for Success

In this podcast, our Cloud Business Leader looks at the factors impacting the tax landscape, the relationship between tax and IT, and the questions you should ask before engaging with a tax technology vendor.

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