Automating The Tax Process: How Tax & IT Come Together For Success

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Vertex Inc. Tax Technology Today Podcast Series

Episode Summary

In today’s everchanging world, tax and IT need to work together to ensure their processes are efficient and purposeful. With new legislation being enacted, departments must be prepared to deal with new processes – and not get stuck in the silos.

During this podcast, Cloud Business Leader, Chris Livingston, speaks on the factors that impact the complicated tax landscape, the relationship between tax and IT departments, common pitfalls, and the top three questions you need to ask before engaging with a tax technology vendor.

tax matters podcast: mid year rules & rates

About the Series

Now more than ever, tax teams and tax leaders are left scratching their heads at the constantly changing tax landscape. As selling becomes more complex and digital, so too does sales tax and other indirect tax types. It’s impossible not to have questions amid all this change. At the core is perhaps the most important question – what does all this change mean for my business?

The six-episode Tax Technology Today podcast series takes tax and IT professionals through a journey of the current tax landscape. Each episode provides clarity around tax technology as it stands today. We discuss the best ways your business can improve its tax processes to stay compliant and grow with confidence.

Featured Speaker

Chris Livingston, Director of Operations, Vertex Cloud, Vertex Inc. The Vertex Industry Influencers provide insights regarding the impact of tax regulations, policy, enforcement and emerging technology trends on global businesses.

Chris Livingston

Director, Vertex Cloud Operations

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Chris Livingston is director of operations for Vertex Cloud, managing customer implementation processes, as well as the development of connectors to mid‐market ERP and ecommerce platforms. Throughout his career, Chris has held positions in finance, software development, product management and operations. He received his B.B.A. in finance from Pace University and is certified in project management, database management and business analysis.

Cloud for Everyone — Including the Tax Function

Tax is arguably one of the best-positioned areas to adopt Cloud Technology, or Software as a Service (SaaS). Let's see why.

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