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The Growing Need for Tax Technology in VAT Determination

Tax authorities are increasingly embracing technology to analyse the tax data
generated by multinationals, spearheading a move from traditional periodic tax returns
to more real-time analysis of data and reviewing that data in greater detail across more departments than before. Taxpayers need to do the same to understand what they are sharing with the tax authorities before they share it.

Tax functions must change from being reactive to proactive, becoming the master
of their data, not just meeting reporting and compliance obligations. 

Selecting and implementing the right technology platforms for tax can ease the costs of compliance
and data collection, improve process and data control, enable better planning and
strategy development, and enhance visibility through access to analytical tools.

Download this datasheet to learn more about how Vertex and our partner Ryan’s experts can help evaluate client processes to identify opportunities for work-flow improvement and automation that enhance the tax department’s ability to effectively manage the increased requirements of global transaction taxes, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver greater value to the organization.

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