L.L. Bean was in the midst of a multi-year business transformation to enable more efficient and standardized work processes across the company, while significantly reducing the number of applications its internal IT group must maintain. As part of the transformation, the company migrated a complex network of legacy tax systems to Vertex Indirect Tax O Series as its single tax solution.

In addition to achieving the IT rationalization goals, Vertex O Series enabled the company to point all calling systems to a single tax engine providing more consistent tax results — one version of the truth -- which simultaneously improved customer service and reduced financial risk. The tax group reduced its reliance on IT by about half since they no longer needed to maintain a patchwork of legacy tax systems. They also automated monthly compliance with Vertex Indirect Tax Returns On-Demand, which not only improved accuracy but reduced time-consuming manual work by about 25% giving them more capacity for higher-value activities. And they’ve reduced the number of tax-exempt orders on hold for review. Today, the tax team has greater agility in responding to ongoing tax rule changes in every channel of their business.

Ultimately, Vertex O Series laid the groundwork for improved audit performance and reduced risk.

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