How Online Marketplaces Can Automate the End-to-End Process

Vertex Validator

We surveyed 479 marketplace sellers and operators to learn more about the dynamics of the marketplace/seller relationship and the place of indirect tax within this. 
It was found with the growing complexity of global taxation rules, the ability to manage indirect taxes on cross-border sales has become a crucial component in driving sales growth.

Sellers prefer marketplaces that provide systems with accurate tax calculations and seamless processes to help them with cross-border tax regulations while growing their markets. To gain sellers confidence and deliver the frictionless experience customers want, marketplaces should look to integrate their existing technology with dedicated indirect tax automation tools. 

By putting suitable indirect tax tools, processes, and support in place, marketplace operators will be able to offer sellers a compliant global growth platform free from indirect tax obstacles. In the face of constantly evolving rules and regulations, this is likely to prove a key competitive advantage, helping both parties reduce risk and grow market share across new locations.

Vertex for Marketplaces is a modular solution that automates invoicing and EU VAT compliance for marketplace operators and marketplace sellers doing business in Europe. The robust solution automates processes enabling marketplace platforms to scale quickly and comply with local regulations.

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Global research: taxing times for the marketplace-seller relationship

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