Compliance Complexities: The Indirect Tax Dilemma


With governments across the world embracing digital transformations, the paradigm of tax compliance is undergoing a radical shift. Vertex recently undertook a worldwide survey with a sample of 580 tax professionals with influence over decisions made about indirect tax in their business to understand how global enterprises value their people, systems, processes, and their tax organisation to manage their indirect tax obligations.

It found that the correlation between people, systems, processes, and organisation is central to the success of the tax function. Understanding this interplay is vital for businesses as they navigate the ever-changing taxation landscape, remain compliant and make informed financial decisions.

Watch on demand to hear how indirect tax decision makers are tackling the complex landscape of indirect tax compliance, including:

  • Practical implications of a move toward e-compliance and Continuous Transaction Compliance with Authorities today 
  • Main barriers to compliance for tax teams with a changing taxation landscape
  • The importance of data quality and accuracy 
  • Technology’s role in data accuracy
  • Evolving skills requirement for tax professionals with a move to real time reporting

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Compliance’s complexity: Attitudes and barriers to getting it right in indirect tax

In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding how businesses navigate the complex landscape of indirect tax compliance is paramount. Download the study and find out more on the regional discrepancies of tax compliance.

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