Challenges in Your Tax Compliance Process & How to Address Them

Address challenges and automate data analysis, validation, and transformation steps for your tax compliance process.

Vertex Tax Matters podcast covers the latest issues, developments, and analyses of global tax trends and technology.

Episode Overview

Vertex Cloud Data Integrity is a solution that helps customers with validating, analysing, and transforming data to support their indirect tax compliance process.

Listen to this podcast to understand how Vertex Cloud Data Integrity helps you increase tax return data quality — enabling reduced audit risk and increased tax staff efficiency.

About the Speaker:

Ellen Van Daal has spent over 15 years in the arenas of international taxation and Tax Technology. She started her career at EY in The Netherlands and the worked in-house for a multinational real estate investment firm, where she was responsible for all different types of tax reporting (VAT & Tax Accounting) across the globe. Within Vertex, as well as VAT SME, she is a functional specialist on Vertex VAT Determination, Reporting and Data Management solutions, working with both partners and customers.

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