America’s Largest Photovoltaic Solar Manufacturer Makes Global Tax Management a Breeze

Learn how this global leader benefitted from implementing Vertex tax technology.

Vertex Inc. Tax Automation

About the Customer: this organisation is a leading global provider of comprehensive solar solutions using advanced module and system technology.

In this video, we learn about this organisation's global tax implementation with Vertex. Through a powerful combination of Vertex tax solutions, SAP S/4HANA, and a wide range of LCR-Dixon PLUS Tools, this solar solution leader was able to solve a host of tax challenges and grow its business with confidence.

Watch this customer story as we dive into:

  • The challenges they faced before Vertex
  • The successful history of Vertex tax system implementations
  • The benefits they realised around better global tax management
  • The goals they met around vital business areas including tax exposure, compliance, and scalability

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