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Through the Zuora and Vertex Premier Partnership, tax calculation is real-time for Zuora Central's Subscription Orders. 

How We Partner with Zuora

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Partnership Benefits for Clients

Our partnership helps subscription companies using Zuora to leverage proper tax calculation during the order process. Gone are the days of having to manually process tax, update rates, and apply the correct tax rates to invoices. One call to Vertex using the Tax API ensures accurate rates and rules applied to all orders — globally.

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Getting Tax Right for Your Subscription Business

As subscription based models become increasingly popular, growing businesses will need to find a tax solution that can keep up with even the most complex tax scenarios. Our trusted technology helps you scale confidently without having to worry about errors and risk associated with manual tax processes.

Our Integration with Zuora

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Zuora Billing

Connect Zuora Billing to Vertex for accurate sales, use, and value added tax calculations on every subscription invoice. Our easy-to-use technology automates tax calculation with the most up-to-date rates and rules to keep you compliant.

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Taxamo by Vertex Tax Connector

A Taxamo by Vertex Tax Connector plug-in maps the Zuora model to Taxamo by Vertex products, using Zuora Liquid templates to construct the Taxamo by Vertex request payload. The Zuora/Taxamo by Vertex invoice solution means every invoice generated meets the requirements for the relevant tax jurisdiction.

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