Executive summary
  • All Vertex employees strive to demonstrate our Core Foundation Competencies
  • Current and aspiring company leaders also work to build specific Leadership Competencies
  • Our Competencies were developed in collaboration with Vertex employees

What follows are the Core Foundation Competencies for all employees at Vertex and Leadership Competencies for current and aspiring Vertex leaders.

Foundational Competencies

  • Builds Relationships: Fosters open dialogue and obtains shared commitment to proposals; shares ideas and information to promote mutual understanding, respect, and effective decision-making.
  • Drives for Results: Acts to create opportunities for Vertex or to avoid future problems; has the courage to act with incomplete information rather than simply thinking about it; maintains a focused commitment to achieving enterprise objectives. 
  • Knows the Business: Understands and applies knowledge of Vertex’s business and processes to accomplish goals.
  • Anticipates Customer Needs (Internal and External): Establishes and maintains productive relationships with customers and partners, anticipating their needs.
  • Learns Continuously: Expands own knowledge base to enhance performance; seeks development to increase strengths for current and future needs.

Leadership Competencies

  • Fosters Innovation: Provides an environment that supports alternative approaches and leads to new processes, products, and services.
  • Promotes Customer Intimacy: Creates an enterprise in which customers are proud to do business with Vertex; collaborates with customers and partners to develop strategies to meet mutual objectives.
  • Aligns and Engages: Aligns people, processes, information systems, and structure with the strategic direction; ensures that expectations are clear, priorities established, focus maintained, and tough decisions addressed; works to gain commitment and buy-in.
  • Develops Talent: Works with others in a helpful way to increase their competence and confidence; eliminates barriers and provides needed resources and support for personal and professional growth.
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