Commitment to Diversity

Executive summary
  • Greater creativity
  • Improved leadership effectiveness
  • More fulfilling employee experience
  • Enhanced shareholder value
  • Better external relationships

Diversity is about much more than race and gender. At Vertex, we define diversity both as the characteristics that make one individual different from another—and as an approach to business that emphasizes respect for and full use of every employee's talents and perspectives. We embrace diversity as a strategic initiative—and a critical enabler of competitive success in today's global marketplace.

We believe a diverse workplace enriches our environment and leads to greater creativity, improved leadership effectiveness, a more fulfilling experience for employees, value to our shareholders, and better external relationships. And we firmly believe our business success is directly related to incorporating the many facets of our organizational diversity. By valuing our differences and appreciating our similarities, we encourage the exchange of unique ideas and perspectives and build on our individual, team, and business strengths.

Vertex Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Diversity embodies a philosophy of inclusion at all levels of an organization. Inclusion in the workplace exists when people feel valued for their contributions and divergent perspectives. We are committed to developing an inclusive work environment where diversity of thought, style, culture, skill sets, and perspective is valued and celebrated in support of individual performance and potential, as well as our business goals and mission. An inclusive workforce brings a wealth of ideas, innovation, and drive to the organization. That, in turn, positions us to anticipate important market changes, to be more responsive to customer needs, and to build a solid foundation for future needs.

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