Streamline data mapping and increase VAT accuracy within SAP

Vertex Inc.

About This Event

Native SAP tax calculation relies on 4 tax drivers to make a tax decision and additional drivers usually require involvement of the IT department. This has left tax and finance often requiring workaround solutions and manual effort to correct assess tax for invoices and downstream activities such as tax code usage, creation of a compliant invoice and reporting. 

Quite often, tax departments feel that tax is “out of their control” resulting in frustration and loss of time spent for more valuable activities such as tax planning and recovery.

Join our webinar and learn how tax teams can regain control of the tax configurations within their SAP systems and how tax users can manage rate changes and changes in the business flows using tax solutions. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • When to leverage a VAT add in vs. a tax engine for tax calculation in SAP
  • How tax automation provides control over calculation of tax in the hands of the tax department
  • How an add-in improves flexibility and provides a tax solution that evolves with the changing needs of the business

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Streamline data mapping and increase VAT accuracy within SAP

14 Oct 2021
1 hour

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