Platform Pioneer Summit, London

A conference room with large floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light in. A crowd of businesspeople in formal clothing takes up most of the image, with many of the people interacting with one another: holding conversation, shaking hands, et cetera. The people are all blurred, as if they are in motion.
Vertex Inc.

About This Event

In 2023, executives will face many headwinds as macroeconomic challenges mount. The all-too common posture is to batten down the hatches, survive the moment, and regroup when the storm passes. But it is those that see the opportunities in front of them, and rise to the challenge, that will lead tomorrow.

Vertex will be sponsoring the Platform Pioneer Summit World Tour, London where experts from Mirakl and executives representing the world’s most trusted brands will demonstrate how daring to embrace platform models today will position businesses in a leadership position tomorrow.

Event Time & Details

Platform Pioneer Summit, London

13 Sep 2023
Mansion House, Walbrook, London EC4N 8BH

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