The Increasing Impact of the 2021 VAT Tax Legislation

Vertex Inc.

About This Event

The ever-changing tax landscape is making it very hard for e-commerce marketplace businesses to properly adhere to tax legislation and regulation. Recent changes to UK and EU VAT regulations that came into effect on 1 January and 1 July 2021, now pose considerable challenges to identify who is liable for VAT, on which sales and at what rate.

In this session our experienced panel will discuss the growth in e-commerce and the impact the new tax regulation will have for e-commerce businesses trading in the UK and EU. Join us for a chance to hear about how these new rules are affecting businesses and the opportunities and best practice to help navigate this challenging time.
The panel of Deloitte, Rakuten and Vertex will:

  • Take a look at the EU VAT e-commerce rules and how they apply
  • Discuss the rapid growth in e-commerce through marketplaces
  • Review the impact of the EU VAT regulation on those involved in e-commerce, and how businesses are responding
  • Discuss what future tax regulations we can expect in the e-commerce arena

Event Time & Details

The Increasing Impact of the 2021 VAT Tax Legislations

23 Nov 2021
60 minutes

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  • Peter Boerhof
    VAT Director - Vertex Inc
  • Jane Curran
    Partner, Tax & Legal - Deloitte LLP
  • John McCarthy
    President, E-Commerce & Marketplace - Taxamo
  • Yulia Logunova
    Head of Tax Europe - Rakuten