6th Annual Strategic Indirect Tax And VAT Compliance

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Vertex Inc.

About This Event

Vertex is a Bronze sponsor at the 6th Annual Strategic Indirect Tax And VAT Compliance event hosted by TBM group. This event will focus on digitisation, e-invoicing, ecommerce, VAT risk and VAT harmonisation.

  • Establishing and developing a best-practice e-invoicing framework
  • Effectively meeting EU and national reporting demands
  • Comprehensive strategies for effectively increasing digitisation across the VAT and Indirect Tax
  • Exploring the prospects for EU VAT harmonisation
  • Building a resilient and agile Indirect Tax Function in challenging times
  • Developing an Indirect Tax Technology strategy in light of increased VAT data requirements
  • Managing the complexities of VAT in eCommerce

Vertex speaking session: A focus on the evolution of VAT and Indirect Tax audits

  • Changing regulatory demands regarding tax audits
  • Effective data and documentation management for your VAT audit
  • How to prepare yourself for VAT audits
  • How have post-pandemic tax audits changed from before

Event Time & Details

6th Annual Strategic Indirect Tax And VAT Compliance

08 Sep 202209 Sep 2022
Mercure Hotel Amsterdam City, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Event Pricing

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Sponsorship Level: Bronze


  • Nicole van Wandeloo
    Senior Manager Tax Research Vertex Inc.