16th Group Indirect Tax Exchange

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About This Event

Vertex is pleased to sponsor the 16th Group Indirect Tax Exchange, hosted by Thought Leader Global, a networking organisation focused on events for corporate leaders. In this sixteenth edition you will hear some of the leading multinationals speaking about their perspectives on VAT risk, compliance and VAT automation while being able to obtain valuable insights on how they are implementing new indirect tax initiatives in their operations.

The difficult regulatory and business environment has led to the goal for multinationals to transform their billing, purchasing, customs and VAT compliance processes. Standardisation, automation and efficiency are the new objectives. Companies are continuing to construct tax control frameworks in order to demonstrate quality self-assessments to tax authorities, and indirect tax plays a central role in this. Digitisation is being employed by corporate taxpayers, tax authorities and new directives are being written (eg. e-commerce, e-invoicing, VAT in the Digital Age, DAC7, etc.). There are many different strategies to choose from to determine the correct compliance management business model. Tax technology and automation holds a vital role in this process, and it is important to correctly fit technology with your compliance and reporting processes.

Join us for this two-day event where you will have the opportunity to expand your corporate network, compare approaches and take away concrete strategies that you can use to improve indirect tax strategy in your enterprise.

Speaker session to be announced soon.

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16th Group Indirect Tax Exchange

11 May 202312 May 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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