US sales tax: What startups need to know when expanding into the US

How to Conduct a Reverse Sales Tax Audit

The US is one of the most complex markets to operate in. Join Vertex, EY, JamJar Investments and Babbel as they discuss how can startups navigate tax laws and tax nexus when scaling operations stateside. 

The discussion includes:

  • Is US expansion still a priority for European investors? 
  • The differences between sales and use tax and how can startups manage tax in the US
  • Selling into multiple states: How the rules and regulations differ?
  • Economic nexus: What is this and how is it triggered? What should startups consider? 

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US sales tax for digital service sales: a tax management guide

If you sell digital services into multiple US states, what does this complex landscape mean for your day-to-day sales tax management? In this guide, we explain key background information and discuss core compliance issues, so you can assess the practical implications for your business.

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