Three ways Vertex and Adobe's newly enhanced integration helps to improve global commerce compliance

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Managing the intricate complexities of eCommerce compliance, particularly for businesses venturing into global markets, poses significant challenges without a streamlined process. However, with streamlined operations, it is likely that businesses will see improvements in compliance, cost savings and elevated overall operational efficiency – fostering substantial growth. Here are three ways Vertex for Adobe Commerce’s newly enhanced integration can help:  

  1. Generate invoices to meet both regulatory and business requirements: Users can now seamlessly integrate Vertex Invoice IQ with their Adobe Commerce solution to automate compliant invoicing and more efficiently and effectively meet both regulatory and business requirements for supported regions. Whether it's localisation requirements such as exchange rates and language translation or handling invoicing for a diverse customer base, Invoice IQ makes it easier to stay on top of tax compliance obligations. This means less stress for finance teams and more accurate invoices for customers.  
  2. Validate tax IDs: Users can now seamlessly integrate Vertex Validator with their Adobe Commerce solution to automate tax ID validation. This enhancement helps ensure that businesses are accurately determining and applying tax for every transaction, which in turn helps reduce costly errors within tax collection and reporting. Validation not only helps minimise the risk of costly legal issues or disputes pertaining to tax collection and reporting but also bolsters an organisation’s reputation for credibility. 
  3. Support for mattress recycling fees: With the new connector, users can now receive support for these fees in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It appears as a separate line item during the checkout process and is prominently visible on various pages and emails. It is displayed on the sales order view page, invoice view page and credit memo view page. Having this added transparency not only supports environmental sustainability but also reinforces a brand's commitment to corporate responsibility. 

Automating these key elements will help improve compliance by transforming a business’s tax and invoice processes into a smooth, streamlined and efficient machine. Moreover, it associates a brand with a seamless customer experience that embodies trustworthiness, credibility and ethical business practices. 

Together, Vertex and Adobe Commerce help to remove common barriers to commerce growth by automating tax and invoice compliance on a global scale. Our collaboration and trusted solutions help to make global tax and invoice management less daunting and more effective.  

To learn more about Vertex + Adobe Commerce, visit our partner page for details. For a 10-step guide to compliant commerce, download our eBook.

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