A Simple Guide to Marketplace VAT

Two women in work aprons standing in front of their checkout computer in their flower shop. The woman in the foreground is showing her business partner information on a tablet. Light illuminates them from a window in the right side of the image, highlighting greenery and a string of purple flowers.

Is your organisation ready to take the next step and expand into new markets? Navigating the complex world of VAT is crucial for success and our detailed infographic here can guide you every steps of the way.

In a rapidly evolving landscape of tax rules and regulations, staying ahead of the curve is non-negotiable. At Vertex, we emphasise the impotence of collaborating with tax experts and implementing a tax engine to help streamline the tax process.

Dive into a wealth of knowledge that covers everything from deciphering where your organisations activities are conducted, to expertly allocating VAT liabilities.


simple guide to marketplace VAT