School Supply Business Improves Sales Tax Compliance with Vertex Cloud

Learn how SchoolKidz implemented a cloud-based tax automation system to improve tax accuracy and streamline business operations.

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SchoolKidz sells school supply kits and, therefore, must manage an extremely cyclical business. It does most of its business three months of the year during back-to-school season.

  • It experiences an average 2,000% increase in transaction volume (and tax workload) during June, July and August. 
  • There is no in-house tax expertise. The minimal finance resources must manage tax in addition to all other financial aspects of the business.

With the help of DMA, SchoolKidz implemented a Vertex integrated tax engine, which improved tax accuracy and automated processes. Choosing a cloud-hosted system meant that previously manual tax rate updates were automatically applied by Vertex with no effort by SchoolKidz. And the cloud deployment dramatically reduced the IT infrastructure and support. 

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