Real-Time Tax Calculations in SAP Ariba

On-Demand Webcast with Vertex and Deloitte Germany

Vertex Inc. for VAT Compliance and VAT Determination

Webcast Summary

In this on-demand webcast with Deloitte, we discuss how using a tax engine can help with real-time VAT validation in SAP Ariba to enhance your procure-to-pay process.

Many businesses operate SAP Ariba to process the procurement of materials and services simply and efficiently, particularly business overhead costs. All while keeping up with the latest VAT rules and regulations. Additionally, the EU trend towards reporting VAT to tax authorities in real-time heightens the need to operate efficient controls in invoice processing and help ensure incoming invoices are properly validated.

    Real-Time Tax Calculations in SAP Ariba

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    Topics Covered

    • VAT features in SAP Ariba & the pitfalls that occur in practice
    • How to avoid the pitfalls and VAT risks in the procurement process
    • How a tax engine can be used for complex tax calculations In addition
    • The collaboration between SAP Ariba and Vertex Indirect Tax O Series using a case study


    In her role as VAT Solutions Manager Maike is part of the European Vertex Consulting practice, which advises alliance partners and customers on how to successfully operate Vertex Solutions to simplify the complexity of European VAT requirements. Maike recently joined Vertex from Ernst & Young Germany, where she worked as a Senior Manager in the Indirect Tax Technology practice. She has almost 5 years’ experience delivering Tax Technology Software Transformation projects, such as native-ERP tax solutions as well as Add-on VAT Determination and Tax Engine implementations.

    Stephanie Alzuhn is a Partner in the area of Indirect Tax, Tax Management Consulting practice at Deloitte Germany. She has over 20 experience in the analysis and configuration of ERP systems for VAT. Aside from that, she also advises businesses regarding the adequacy and effectiveness of their processes and control environments relating to VAT.

    Sandra has over 20 years experience in the analysis and configuration of tax-relevant requirements in business processes, ERP systems and the related control environments. In the latter years, she has been working in-house in the Tax Department of a large Corporate group with responsibility for implementing tax requirements of many countries in IT processes.

    Bernd has more than 25 years of experience in managing SAP/ IT projects from program definition through to delivery. Currently Bernd is responsible for "Tax Enabled ERP" and "Data Analytics“ within the service line Indirect Tax in Germany.

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