Navigating U.S. Sales & Use Tax

A far-shot of a woman standing at her desk, one hand on her laptop to take care of her ecommerce site. Her other arm holds a box, as if preparing to ship an order. Her office is filled with similar boxes, books, and greenery

Are you selling in or thinking of selling in the United States? The U.S. has possibly the world’s most complex sales tax regime. 

Each state sets its own sales tax rules, and states often take widely varying approaches these rules. As a result, every state has a different tax framework, with variations in regulation covering everything from tax liability and tax rates to exemption categories and reporting requirements. Not to mention, local area tax jurisdictions also have powers over some aspects of taxation and can set different rules for their area.

The webinar will cover:

  • Defining sales & use tax
  • What is nexus? 
  • Tax Rates & Jurisdictions
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • eCommerce and sales tax obligations
  • 2024 trends

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