Managing the Complexities of Growth Across Borders

How can retailers overcome cross-border tax compliance challenges from a commercial perspective?

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In this white paper, we consider cross-border tax compliance challenges from a commercial perspective and look at how retailers might overcome them.

Expansion is the long-term strategy for most retailers, but they're often confronted by a multitude of hurdles.

Any time retail companies explore new territories or sales channels, they must abide by certain tax regulations and policies. Indeed, every border in retail represents risk, cost, and process overhead - as well as an opportunity.

Political change in the last two years has introduced added complexity around tax and tariffs. What was once already to a degree complex is now a lot more so with recent global events such as Wayfair and Brexit. The impact of such changes to tax compliance on a retailer selling globally is significant and can’t be ignored.

Read our comprehensive white paper, which covers the impact of recent tax compliance changes from a commercial perspective and how retailers might overcome them, reduce risk, and prepare for the new ‘business as usual’.