Improve VAT Treatment Accuracy in Your Procurement Process

Take a look inside the procurement process and the implications on VAT.

Vertex Inc. Tax Solutions

Webcast Summary

In this webcast, co-hosted by Deloitte and Vertex, we focus on the procurement process to help you better understand the VAT implications and why it is important to validate VAT invoices. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Handling tax in the procure-to-pay (P2P) world
  • The "Digital Reporting Footprint" across the globe and how it's changed
  • The 4 core approaches to the different types of digital reporting 
  • Tax challenges in ERP systems
  • How the Vertex integration with SAP Ariba can help businesses simplify tax processes for procurement 

Get Accurate VAT Treatment in Your Procurement Process

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Featured Speakers

Ellen Van Daal: Solutions Engineer | Vertex Inc.
Andreas Sturesson: Senior Manager, Tax Management Consulting | Deloitte LLP
Hasib Parsa: Consultant, Tax & Legal | Deloitte

Our Alliance with Deloitte

The ultimate solution that our alliance delivers is straightforward: tax technology experts working together to limit the amount of time and energy our customers spend addressing tax requirements. 

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