Transforming Tax Complexities into Global Growth

Vertex Inc.

Vertex partnered with the Financial Times on the webinar to explore how the rise of online cross border selling has created new tax management challenges for companies and what businesses can do to overcome these obstacles.
Vertex and the Financial Times speak with Head of Tax, EU, Riot Games and Jamie Finn, Head of Tax, Gymshark to discuss key tax challenges facing businesses selling online.

Discussion highlights:

  • How have indirect tax laws changed and developed as a result of how consumer behaviour has evolved since the start of the pandemic?
  • In what ways are the growing tax compliance complexities creating obstacles for growth?
  • What methods have fast-growing businesses deployed to overcome the challenges tax regulation poses to cross-border sales?
  • How have technological advancements such as edge and cloud computing helped companies overcome tax barriers
  • Have businesses found it more efficient to outsource these processes or undertake internal transformation?

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