Our industry-leading corporate tax technology and data management solutions coupled with PwC’s renowned consulting services gives clients across the world to a more efficient and scalable way of handling tax complexity.

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PwC & Vertex Alliance

Benefits of Our Alliance

Our strategic alliance with PwC leverages the synergies between our tax and tax technology expertise to meet both direct and indirect corporate tax challenges. Together, we help businesses save time and reduce risk associated with manual tax processes.

Why PwC

PwC has worked with Vertex for many years to deliver advanced tax technology solutions, services and innovations that further the evolution of tax processes and tax functions. This includes strategic business planning and advice, as well as improved tax performance management across the entire tax lifecycle.

Divisions & Practices

State Tax Consulting Group: Automated Compliance & Maintenance 

Automated Compliance and Maintenance (ACM) involves the service of automating state and local sales/use tax compliance functions including billing sales/use tax to customers, reporting the tax to the state and local authorities via returns, validation of sales/use taxes paid to vendors, and more importantly, the accrual of use tax. 

State Tax Consulting Group: Telecommunications Tax Automation 

Given the complex and continually evolving nature of the telecommunications industry, operations are often spread throughout the United States causing compliance with transactional taxes to become a difficult task. PwC has developed a Telecom Tax Automation ("TTA") strategy and process based on considerable experience, which will ensure that the desired Vertex Communications Tax compliance results are achieved.