We’ve been a trusted Microsoft Partner for over 15 years. Today Vertex provides turnkey integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 helping maximise value and accelerate business growth.

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Our ongoing partnership with Microsoft delivers integrations with our world-class tax solutions, via a cloud-based SaaS solution, hosted, or on-premise environments. Standardised integrations that help extend the value of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment and speed up your journey to continuous compliance.

Integrations that simplifying VAT determination without constant Microsoft system updates and improving efficiencies across Finance, IT and Tax teams. Integrations that create the ability to scale to new jurisdictions quickly and enhance automation in support of business growth.

years of direct Vertex-Microsoft integration partnership
years of service

Exploring Tax Excellence with Microsoft


Unified, central source

Vertex as the single source for tax data, calculation, and reporting is leveraged across multiple Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications empowering your Finance, Tax, and IT teams

Most Up-to-Date Product Taxability

Enhanced ROI

Improved ROI and faster time-to-value, reduced tax risk and improved audit performance

Flexible Reporting

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  • A global team of Microsoft-certified implementation consultants and support specialists to help you maximise the value from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Vertex.
Support and Training with Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax

Microsoft ISV Success Partner & Co-Sell Ready Partner

As a preferred  partner Vertex supports the Essentials and Premium Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Here's how we adapt to your needs.

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"While we did achieve efficiencies, reduce risk and save costs, for Patagonia that seamless experience was really the key.”

-Shelley Chase
International Director of Tax, Patagonia 

For every industry.

By leveraging the standardised Vertex integrations, Microsoft users establish a technology landscape that scales for growth and change.

By leveraging the standardised Vertex integrations, Microsoft users establish a technology landscape that scales for growth and change.

Alleviate burdens and fuel growth

Vertex tax solutions enable manufacturers transform their tax process, allowing the organisations to:

• Streamline tax and IT operations to increase efficiency

• Reduce audit risk

• Advance business scalability

Tax Type
Sales & Use Tax
Value Added Tax

Maintain continuous compliance, globally.

Consistent tax calculations across all omnichannel experiences

Robust offline tax calculation solution for local in-store deployment

Supported Retail workflows including:

  • Cash & carry
  • Buy online & pickup
  • Buy in-store & ship
  • Recall and return
  • Call centre orders

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